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In essence, all the farm areas in Thailand are well known for our tropical fruits. However, some locations have restrictions on growing fruits and can many fruits are seasonal. Chanthaburi is located in the East Coast of Thailand which used to be a volcanic area many thousands of years ago. For this reason, a very rich soil is produced and is considered the fruit hub of Thailand and can grow almost every type of tropical fruits. The fruits that grow here always have a higher brix (sweeter) than fruits grown in the middle or in the South of Thailand. Due to the location of Chanthaburi province, in the East Coast of Thailand, we experience 8 months of rain per year. Therefore, soil is never lacking of tropical sun and water.

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Our pure and exotic fruit juice is made of authentic Thai fresh fruits. We imagine the best combination of uniquely delicious taste of each fruit, bring out the magical power of its natural nutrients and finally squeeze it into different special recipes. Nothing added and Never from concentrate (NFC)

Mangosteen & Lychee Smoothie

Mangosteen & Calamansi Smoothie

100% Pure Mangosteen Smoothie

Mangosteen & Pineapple Smoothie

Passionate Quartz

Siamese Ruby

Mango Sapphire

100% Orange juice


45% mangosteen with mixed juice
Less sugar, No preservatives, No artificial colour and flavourings

& Lychee
A sweet morning kiss

& Passion Fruit
An afternoon kick

& Mixed fruit
An evening boost

1OO% Tropical Fruit Puree

Mangosteen puree

Mango puree

Orange puree

Calamansi puree

Passion Fruit puree (with seed/without seed)

And many others

Kuru Kuru : Make healthy more Fun

Kuru Kuru : Make healthy more Fun

Kuru Kuru is a new refresher! It is suitable for anytime during the day as it is composed of many different healthy ingredients that will give you energy and make you stay dehydrated. It contains a lot of vitamin C and has lower sugar content. It will definitely boost you up from a boring day.

Calamansi Honey drink

Plum Honey drink

Tamarind Honey drink

Passionfruit and Mangosteen drink

We love having fun but pretty serious about……

Being healthy and refreshed
less Kcal
Natural ingredients
Preservatives free

Customized Beverage (OEM)

Customized Beverage (OEM)

As you know, we are a manufacture of tropical fruit juice (NFC) under our own brand But did you know that we also provide OEM service for customers around the world. GMP, HACCP,HALAL and KOSHER are the standards that we are certified. Our facility is also US FDA registered.

Our company offers one stop service that helps and supports customers to launch a product from scratch. We have experienced RD team who can develop new beverage recipes as well as obtaining FDA number in no time! Moreover, we are well connected with packaging suppliers. This all means that you can have your own products to sell within a month or so only.

Why choose our service?

We have various types of packaging you can choose from such as glass bottles, PET, PP and Can.

We are experienced in producing products for domestic and foreign customers.

Reasonable MOQ

No extra charge

What can we produce?

Drinking water (Artesian water / RO)
Beverage based products : Juice / smoothie / tea / herbal drink etc.
Functional drink/shot